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It is a busy time of the year for us at BoxQ, as many businesses are looking to clear out thier excess computers and electronics before the years end.  If you are in need of an e-waste removal, please contact Mark Bell at 877-499-2697 or via e-mail at to schedule an appointment.  Please note that BoxQ will be closed from 1:00pm Wednesday, November 26th thru Sunday, November 30th in observance of the holiday.


We wish all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



Best regards,

The BoxQ Crew

Wishing you a safe and a happy July 4th!


In observance of the holiday, BoxQ offices will be closed next week (Monday, June 30th – Friday, July 4th).  We will reopen on Monday, July 7th.


We wish all of you a Happy 4th of July!



The BoxQ Crew

Third world nation dumping grounds



Over the past 8 -10 years, various domestic and international agencies and groups have informed and enlightened the public and private business sector of the burgeoning problems that their e-waste causes when not handled properly.  From the damage done to the local environment, to the life threatening impact experienced by people in developing third world nations whose shores are the dumping ground for industrial nations electronics refuse, their stories and warnings have been common news for almost a decade.  Yet, despite the attention to (and awareness of) these issues, the problems with e-waste continue to grow, especially in the poorer countries of the world.

As a picture paints a thousand words, a link to the photographic expose by Valentino Bellini of the “Bit Rot Project”, whose images capture the continued devastation caused by e-waste dumping into third world nations, can be viewed by clicking on the apple icon above.  You will find a link to the entire “Bit Rot Project” article on the first page of the expose.  We invite you to take a look.

And please remember; BoxQ does not dump anything into landfills, and does not ship anything overseas.

Please note that BoxQ offices will be closed for the Fourth of July holiday the entire week of June 29 – July 3.  Please contact Mark Bell at 877-499-2697 or if you need an e-waste removal before June 26th.  Thank you.

The BoxQ crew


Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Since its humble US inception as a true grassroots effort in 1970, the campaign to bring awareness and positive change to environmental issues impacting the earth has become a global phenomenon. Here at home, the efforts of this communal organization has resulted in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and led to the legislative passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts. Similar measures have been enacted in other countries around the world, all as a result of concerned people gathering together to bring awareness of and solutions to harmful practices against the earth.

Unfortunately, there are regions in the world where ignorance, poverty, apathy, and the basic need to survive contribute to total disregard of the environment, resulting in the devastation and polluting of land, air and water, and diminishing a decent quality of life for people in the process. An expose’ entitled “Welcome to Hell” by Jeremy Kaplan of Fox News details in text and pictures one such place in Africa. Click on the icon above to view.  It is worth a look.

We hope you join us in observing Earth Day this year. Whether you actively participate in a business or community sponsored event, or simply implement personal changes around the home or office that benefit the environment, the important aspect is to reflect and acknowledge that we can all have a positive impact on this planet!



The month of April brings rain showers (which we could probably do without after the record setting snowfall we experienced in New England this winter) and the observance of “Earth Day” on the 22nd.  Whether you are actively participating in a business or community sponsored event that day, or simply implementing personal changes around the house or office that benefit the environment, the important aspect is to reflect and acknowledge that we all have a responsibility to treat our global home with care and respect.


This year, one of our BoxQ clients is celebrating Earth day by sponsoring an electronics recycling day for their employees.  The employees will be bringing excess electronics from their homes to their place of work to be collected and removed by BoxQ.  This type of event promotes awareness to the proper handling and disposal of old electronics and fosters good will among the company’s personnel.  If you think your business would benefit from holding such an event, please contact Mark Bell at (877) 499-2697 or via e-mail at


We wish you a Joyous Easter and a Peaceful Passover.


The BoxQ Crew.

(p.s. – Opening Day – Red Sox at Phillies – Monday, April 6 – 3:05pm (Go Sox !!!)

Network SecurityIf you think that your business is too small to be attacked by hackers, think again. Data corruption, data theft, and general mayhem are their goals. Most small business owners sit back in a smug sense of security because they believe that only the major companies are targets. It is because they are small and complacent that hackers find small businesses a proverbial gold mine.

  • One of the hackers greatest of ploys is to turn your site or your blog into a literal robot. Under the command of the hacker, your computer systems can be used to transfer all kinds of information straight to the hackers. This can be easily done and you won’t even realize it is happening until it is too late. There may be no direct data corruption but all of your information, like banking and customer information, will travel straight to the hacker’s laptop.
  • It is important that you are running the latest upgrades of any software you have. Software makers tend to add security patches with each new update as certain security challenges arise. Running outdated software leaves you wide open to data corruption and information theft.
  • You, also, need to have the strongest and most capable firewall you can get. It may be all that stands between the hackers and your company’s survival. Also, make certain that no one is using the same password for too long. Company and individual passwords must be updated and changed frequently. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. The more creative you are, the more difficult it becomes for the hacker to break in and cause severe data corruption or theft.
  • Finally, try and move to HTTPS for more secure transmissions and communication. HTTP Secure protocols will allow you another blanket in your security in addition to hard to crack passwords and your firewall. Such measures will keep all of your online business as safe as is possible from various hard and soft hacker attacks and from the disaster of data corruption or information theft.

Happy New Year!

If one of your “New Year’s” resolutions is to deal with the excess, obsolete, or damaged electronic equipment accumulated and stashed around your facility, BoxQ is a simple solution to making it happen!  Please contact Mark Bell at (877) 499-2697 or to discuss how we can be of service to you.


Wishing you every success and increased prosperity for your business in 2014!


Best regards,

The BoxQ Crew

Data destruction from BoxQThe question that continually faces both individuals and companies alike remains how to classify and what to do with the mountains of information and data that continues to makes its way into your life and your business. What needs to be retained and what needs secure data destruction? Businesses of all sizes have begun to finally realize that they simply can’t keep piling up data simply for the sake of keeping it. Those that do are finding themselves simply overwhelmed.

  • You need to decide what information is absolutely crucial to the survival of your life or business and to have some manner of operational plan in place. For the most part, you want to retain that data which is important to your ongoing operations as well as that data and those records you know you must keep safe and secure for extended periods.
  • It is, also, important to bring everyone involved, family members or employees, into the data retention and data destruction loop. Everyone needs to know what data will be vital to the success of the company and what data that must routinely be securely destroyed.
  • Secure data destruction comes in to play for the simple reason of space. How much space and storage are you willing to give to the crushing amount of data that comes into your life and business every day? When thoughtfully examined, most people and businesses will realize that most of the data they are exposed to has an extremely limited shelf life and should be securely destroyed as soon as possible.
  • Another consideration with regard to data destruction is the question of ongoing risk. Through safe data destruction, a company runs less of a risk with regard to having information stolen or altered for other, possibly nefarious, purposes. In addition, the less data you keep the faster and more efficient your data retrieval systems will be. This can be an enormous boost to productivity and customer service.

Secure data destruction from BoxQYour data center is the critical information hub for your business. Without it, your company may not be a company for long. Your data center stores all of your precious and sensitive company information as well as where your overall systems are watched and monitored. You need a plan for keep your center safe because the corruption of your data is something you can ill afford.

  • Believe it or not, many company data centers don’t even have locks on the doors. While you are concerned with a denial of service hacker attack, someone could just walk through the door and access anything they want to. In addition to keeping out intruders, it will keep unauthorized personnel from gaining access and causing all sorts of unintentional data corruption or equipment malfunctions.
  • Where your center is located is crucial to the overall safety of your data and information. Like any basic military operation, the perimeter and boundaries must be secured and impenetrable. Data corruption and theft always occurs at those venues that are viewed as being the least protected.
  • Speaking of doors, you need to lock the doors that will allow hacker attacks through. You know how vital this data center is to your company’s survival. Hackers will dedicate hours, even days, to trying to find that back door into your system. Your IT precautions and protocols need to be state of the art or risk data loss and worse.
  • Further risk factors can include your trash disposal, your secure data destruction by a skilled firm, outside vendors or visitors and natural calamities. How strong is your data center? Can it survive a natural disaster like and earthquake or hurricane? Who gets into your center? What are your security procedures? With regard to data theft or corruption, you need to have it professionally done and all of your non electronic trash must be shredded or destroyed before being thrown out.

You can’t leave anything to chance with regard to the security of your data or the secure data destruction with an experienced firm that you will need to do from time to time. Your data center faces a great many risks but with some planning and foresight, you can keep it, and your company, safe.



The hope and good cheer of the holiday season has embraced us, and we eagerly anticipate the good times ahead spent with family and friends, the arrival of Santa, and the hopeful promise all good things for the New Year! And though we are busy at work and play, we would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to acknowledge your support through the past year. We truly appreciate you, and thank you for your business!


In keeping with the holidays, BoxQ offices will be closed for the week of December 23 through December 27.


We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

The Crew at BoxQ


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