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recycling electronicsIt can be difficult keeping up with technology. The latest in phones and laptops can make even the most tech savvy business person break into a cold sweat. Especially when you’re trying to figure out what to do with all the outdated equipment that seems to be piling up in the supply closet. It may make sense to recycle and at BoxQ Electronics can help.

BoxQ Electronics will help with every step of the recycling procedure. Most of us know that recycling has a lot of benefits. This is true for electronics, too. Depending on what kind of electronics that you need to recycle, we will process it accordingly. Computers are taken apart and any components that can be salvaged are separated and other pieces that cannot be used are broken down. No part of your computer or electronic device will be wasted or put into a landfill. Even older televisions and computer monitors will find a home.

BoxQ Electronic uses some of the salvaged parts to build new electronics that can be resold or used for a donation at schools, libraries and any charity that requests it.

There are laws regarding specific regulations when recycling computers and other electronics. The proper disposal of waste and hazardous materials is crucial and BoxQ Electronics adheres to them.

If your electronics need to be recycled whether you’re a business or individual, contact us at (877)499-BOXQ or visit our website at www.boxq.net

electronic disposal

We know it’s the season of giving, and a lot of people will be receiving brand new shiny electronics. Cell phones, flat screen televisions, laptops and tablets, all with the latest technology in it.

After the sound of ripping paper has died down and the screams of happy children (or adults) have gone, what do you do with the old electronics?

Electronic disposal is not an everyday subject. That out of date cell phone gets tossed in a drawer, keeping company with the other phones from past years because you know you shouldn’t throw it in the trash.

What do you do then? How can you recover the use of that drawer for what it was meant for? Not just a silent grave for old technology.

BoxQ Electronics in MA is the recycling, resale and data destruction company to contact.

We know how electronic disposal can hurt the environment and most people don’t want the headache of dealing with waste regulations, but at BoxQ we can give you options, like selling your used electronics, donating old electronics or recycling them.

It’s important to do what we can for the environment as technology becomes a larger part of our normal day and BoxQ Electronics can lead the way.

Visit our website at www.boxq.net or give us a call at (877)499-BOXQ

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