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About Us

What We Do

Box-Q is Your Partner in Responsible Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction.
Established in 1999, Box-Q is a nationwide recycler-reseller of obsolete and off-lease electronic goods and technology equipment.

Our Services

BoxQ Services

Electronics Recycling

Convenient disposal of old electronics with environmental benefits

BoxQ Services

Data Destruction

Professional and secure data destruction services for peace of mind.

BoxQ Services

Customizable Options

Tailored services to suit your specific

Reasons for Hiring Secure Data Destruction Professionals

Professional, secure data destruction gives you the confidence that important personal or client information never gets into the wrong hands. At Box-Q Electronics, we have years of experience creating solutions for all kinds of e-waste. There are many examples of data that our clients want to destroy off of their hard drives. Some examples include:

Personal financial information

Passwords and logins

Proprietary information on a product

Employee email records

Client records

Credit card numbers and PINs

ID numbers

How It Works

Seamless Process from Consultation to Compliance

Step 1: Consultation

Discuss your needs and objectives with our experts.

Step 2: Customized Solution

Receive a personalized plan for recycling and data destruction.

Step 3: Implementation

Seamless execution of services with detailed paperwork provided.

Step 4: Compliance and Reporting

Ensure compliance with laws and receive comprehensive reporting.

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What Our Clients Say About Services!

– N.T. – New London Hospital – NH

It went very well and we were very pleased with the outcome! Your guys took everything we had without question and did a great job!

– S.W. – Agar Supply – MA

…great service as usual… please contact me every month to schedule future pickups…Thanks much!

– B.F. – Eastern Packaging Inc. – MA

You provide a great service and I’ll be telling our customers and vendors about your business!

– J.W. – Boston Celtics – MAA

All perfect. Your guys were prompt, called me on the way, got the stuff out very quickly…

Electronics Recycling

Box-Q offers recycling services for a wide range of electronics including Whole Electronics like printers, computers, TVs, microwaves, and more. as well as Electronic Components suc as boards, drives, power supplies.etc

Certain items like monitors, dryers, and UPS units may require additional fees due to handling difficulty. For secure data destruction, drives can be processed with a certificate of destruction for an extra charge.

Mercury lamps are not accepted, and for items not listed, it’s recommended to consult Box-Q’s technicians before recycling.