Privacy concept: pixelated Shield icon on digital background, 3d render

For governments, companies, and even individuals, the security of computer data, and secure data destruction, has become a critical concern today. Even the most sophisticated among us tend to believe that simply hitting the “delete” button will do the trick. Unfortunately that is not the case. Simply because you delete and item, or certain information, does not mean that it has been permanently destroyed.

Companies and individuals store data everywhere today. Things are not so simple anymore. Not only is data stored in a desktop computer but also in a laptop, a tablet and a cell phone just to name a few. Again, many are under the delusion that simply deleting an item and/or sending it to their recycle bin eliminates that data forever.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All that really does is change the indexing of the data you have in storage. It’s sort of like deleting the name of the newspaper you were reading and leaving behind all of the newspaper’s contents behind. Sure, you think the New York Times is gone. But all that’s gone is the name. The entire edition of the paper got left behind for a trained professional to read. Truly secure data destruction tends to be more sophisticated, and trickier, than that.

You cannot leave your precious company or personal data out in the open where your company, or you, may be compromised. The recovery of data has become so sophisticated that data can be recovered even from seemingly destroyed hard drives. The technology, the software, and the forensics available today are daunting to anyone, or any company, that is seeking to destroy highly sensitive data once and for all.

Secure data destruction is a vital key and link to your continued survival as a company, and often times, as an individual. Don’t leave its proper destruction to amateurs or even yourself. Secure data destruction needs to be handled by trained and experienced professional who can assure you that your sensitive data is truly gone forever.