One of the current problems facing the country is the huge amount of e-waste that has been piling up over the years. Electronics recycling is the safest, most efficient way to dispose of unwanted items such as cell phones and tablets. Unfortunately, most people hang onto to these outdated and unused items rather than bringing them to a professional electronics recycling company.

  • Recent research has uncovered that nearly 60% of those surveyed have outdated electronics sitting around their homes or apartments. In addition, just over 20% ever think of electronics recycling.
  • One of the unfortunate findings is that many people believe that it is entirely safe to just throw their unused electronics into their trash cans or drop them off at the local dump and landfill. While many are aware of electronics recycling services, most simply do not take the time to do it.
  • Electronics waste is one of the fastest growing problems in the country. The situation continues to be compounded due to the fact that cell phones and tablets are so quickly replaced with the latest and the greatest models from the manufacturers.
  • The challenge, it seems is one of convenience and knowing where to go. The vast majority, over 80%, of those surveyed in recent research believe that electronics recycling is a valuable thing to do. Most feel that it will be helpful to the environment and useful to those who may be looking for an unwanted cell phone or tablet.
  • At least 40% of those surveyed in recent studies have at least two old cell phones hanging around their homes or apartments. And, over half of them never even think of just giving it away or heading down to their local electronics recycling company or center.

With the plethora of new electronic devices coming out on a regular basis, e-waste is becoming a serious problem that everyone should be involved in. Your local electronics recycling services firm can offer many alternatives to throwing them away or simply storing them in your junk draw. Call them today and see how truly easy it can be to recycle your old and unused electronics.