There are all sorts of information flying around about secure data destruction and how to properly destroy your private, proprietary, and highly sensitive company information. What most business owners fail to realize is that, due to data remanence, your most classified documents and information are still magnetically attached to your hard drives.

Most companies believe that secure data destruction is as simple a matter as running a refrigerator magnet over the hard drive or grabbing a sledge hammer and having at it. These are serious delusions that could lead to identity theft or absolute catastrophe for any company, especially a small business.

  • Server and hard drive thefts have risen over the past several years and operating systems and servers are constantly under attack. Hard drives fare no better especially if those involved believe that secure data destruction has been performed.
  • A few years back, a researcher went out and purchased several hard drives out at eBay. What he found astonished him. One drive he bought from a medical facility that thought they had performed secured data destruction. What the researcher found, however, was over 30,000 credit card numbers still attached to the drive.
  • Simply trying to destroy a hard drive yourself never works. For secure data destruction, you need to do more than simply delete or erase the information from your drive. Even formatting the hard drive does not remove all of your sensitive and secret information. Experienced hackers can easily access any and all information that you have left behind and erroneously believed had been destroyed.

Secure data destruction needs to be done by experienced professionals. They can help you in countless ways including assisting you with all preparations and security. Don’t leave your company’s, or customer’s, security to chance or to protocols that are simply untrue and do not work.