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E-Waste recycling from BoxQE-waster recycling has become an important subject recently. With so many electronic devices out there, their proper disposal and recycling possibilities can have many benefits for both the individual and for society at large.

  • Nearly 500 million electronic devices are sold in the United States every year and that number continues to soar. This is in addition to the millions of electronic devices that are already out there. E-waste, or end of life electronics, has become a growing concern for many. Proper e-waste recycling seems to be, and will remain, the only effective answer to this growing global problem.
  • Recent research has uncovered the fact that nearly 80% of all old and no longer used electronics are just being packed away and stored in people’s homes and in company warehouses. Often the reason for this is that people are unsure as to how to go about proper e-waste recycling.
  • E-waste recycling includes all manner of electronics from old and outdated televisions to laptops to tablets to cell phones and i-pods. The latest information from the EPA suggests that only around 2% of all old cell phones undergo e-waste recycling and it is not much higher for computers and TV’s.
  • Some of the benefits of e-waste recycling including the recovery of precious metals such as gold plus an opportunity to better prepare and plan solid waste disposal. Solid waste management has seen an unprecedented challenge as some people simply discard their unwanted electronics at waste facilities and dumps.
  • Health risk to human populations continues to be a growing crisis. In many underdeveloped countries as well as in those countries with lax or no pollution controls, the highly toxic and hazardous materials that are contained in e-waste poses serious contamination problems in many areas.

With e-waste firms that have highly trained and experienced professionals, e-waste is quickly becoming a manageable situation. Local and state regulations tend to govern the e-waste recycling situation yet half of the states require mandatory recycling. It is important to your possible health and the health of the environment to contact a professional e-waste recycling firm when you are thinking of getting rid of that outdated electronic device.

Data destruction from BoxQProtecting your identity gets harder to do in such a wired world as we have today. Information is everywhere and is easily available to experienced hackers. In addition, not every one or every company plans for eventual data destruction. Protecting your valuable data and having effective data destruction plans in place has never been more critical to your overall survival.

  • So many large corporations with vulnerable data destruction or data protection plans have seen their security breeched in recent months. Nearly half of all American businesses and companies have had data recently stolen and security experts declare that every business will be a target sooner or later.
  • Be wary of people who are hanging closely around you when you are using any manner of data, especially your credit card. They can easily pick up on the numbers as well as your security code PIN.
  • Rather than signing the back of your credit card, write on it that a valid ID with photo must be presented at the time of use. This will prevent your card from being used in public should it be stolen. If your data is stolen, however, it will not help you with online purchases.
  • You need to buy a shredder and shred any personal documents and bills before you throw them away. Rummaging through people’s tossed trash is one of the major tactics used by identity thieves and hackers.
  • Proper data destruction is your only real chance of never having any of your identity stolen. If selling or recycling your electronics, especially your computer, you must seek out a professional data destruction service to insure that your hard drives are properly destroyed.
  • Watch your credit card statements to see if there has been any action related to purchases you did not make. Don’t make it easy for thieves and hackers. Stealing your mail is a relatively easy thing to do. Need to mail a bill? Do it at the post office. In addition, check out your credit reports at least once a year. Ideally, you should be checking it on a quarterly basis to check the data.

The proper protection of your data, as well as professional data destruction will be your best bet to keep your identity, and your life, safe from disaster.


Kids are starting back to school, Brady and Company are starting their NFL regular season games (Go Pats!), and Autumn begins on the 23rd, so this must be September!  We at BoxQ are starting to gear up for a busy and productive month, and look forward to being of service to you.


With regards to our services, we always strive to maintain the highest standards and professional protocols when processing your excess electronics and also provide exemplary customer service in all facets of our dealings with you. In order for us to continue the level of service you have come to expect from us we have, after careful deliberation, found it necessary to enact a modest increase (effective October 1, 2014) in our truck and labor charge for the first time in over 5 years. We will be contacting you directly during the coming weeks to discuss the price change with you personally.  Please contact Mark Bell at (877) 499-2697 or [email protected] with any questions.
BoxQ is looking forward to participating in the 3rd Annual “Triton Music Parents Organization (TMPO)” Electronics Recycling Day event to be held Saturday, September 20th at the Triton Regional High School in Byfield, MA.  It is a community fundraising event benefiting the music program for the school.  Residents from the town and surrounding area drop off their excess electronic equipment and  pay the recycling fees, with the proceeds going to TMPO. A wonderful event for a worthwhile cause!

In observance of Labor Day, BoxQ will be closed for business on Monday, September 1st.


We wish all of you a Happy Labor Day weekend!



The BoxQ crew.

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