The proper disposal of electronic waste has become a global challenge of huge proportions. Recycling used electronics has huge benefits for everyone yet the prevalence of e-waste recycling is far from where many would like to see it be.

  • Even though electronic devices are recyclable, only about 15% of the population participates in the proper destruction of recycling of e-waste. Everyday in America, says the EPA, over 400,000 mobile units and over 150,000 computers are discarded and, in general, just end up in landfills and other disposal areas. This is a tremendous amount of e-waste that could be recycled.
  • In addition to consumer electronics such as cell phones, tablets, and computers, the EPA also reports that nearly thirty million TV’s are thrown out every year. Only 15%-25% of all e-waste tonnage gets recycled properly every year.
  • What can be recovered from a million cell phones? What can be recovered and recycled includes 20,000 pounds of copper, nearly 600 pounds of silver, and around 50 pounds of gold. Over $60 million in silver and gold is simply tossed away into landfills each year.
  • Most Americans are spending over a thousand dollars a year in electronics and the average American home contains over 20 electronic devices. On a global scale, nearly two billion devices of an electronic nature are purchased and used every single year.
  • The EPA has continually urged the proper disposal of everyone’s e-waste simply to save on the lead exposure. There are huge amounts of lead in electronic devices and the overall health of Americans is being affected when electronic devices are not properly recycled.

The importance of recycling old and used electronics has never been more certain. Bringing your e-waste to a company or facility that specializes in its disposal, ends up a huge win-win situation for everyone.