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Electronics recycling from BoxQRecent research has revealed certain generational disparities when it comes to recycling be it paper, plastics, or electronics recycling. A recent online survey of over 2,000 Americans by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and conducted by Harris Poll, suggests that certain generations are more ambitious and conscientious about their recycling habits than others.

  • The Millennials, aged 18-34, are a generation that has been priding itself on its being “green” conscious but the research has found that they are less likely to recycle anything than the older generations are. Among the Millennials, 33% stated that they regularly recycle while nearly 50% of the over 34 age group said they recycle on a regular basis.
  • Even those over the age of 65 tend to recycle as much if not more than their younger counterparts. According to the research, about 55% of those over the age of 65 are doing electronics recycling as well as other types including paper and plastic.
  • While recycling is, for the most part, looked upon as the responsible thing to do, the Baby Boomers think that by a wide margin when compared with the Millennials by 61%-53%.
  • Electronics recycling has now become an easy way to recycle everything from old cell phones to computers and tablets. What the recent research did uncover was that 65% of everyone polled will be unlikely to recycle if there is no convenient way for them to do so regardless of the type of waste. Electronics recycling is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception as more and more people begin to take their outdated equipment to their local recycling companies.

Secure data destruction from BoxQNot only is your business your livelihood, but your employees also depend on you as well for their security and for the life of their loved ones. Securing you business data needs to be a major priority for your business as does proper secure data destruction protocols.

  • Your business data is the very lifeblood of any business yet so many business owners are ignorant with regard to its overall protection. What if your server were hacked? What if your server’s hard drive crashed? What if there is a natural disaster that destroys everything? Can your business survive? Are you prepared to be up and running soon after a disaster?
  • Keep your main server in an isolated area of your business. Don’t make it easy for anyone to simply dismantle the server and make a run for it with your hard drive. Your hard drive should be backed up on a regular schedule and the back up data needs to be stored in a safe off site facility. Also, your hard drive needs to be regularly swapped out for a new one and secure data destruction be properly performed on the old one. This will keep you several steps ahead of the bad guys and the natural disasters.
  • You must limit who has access to your business data. Too many small businesses allow just about anyone to see and handle their secure data. There can be only a chosen few, if any at all, who can gain regular access to your company’s secure data.
  • All of your important documentation related to your business must be safe and located away from the business. The storage facility or containers you use must be both fire proof and water proof.
  • Finally, as electronics become obsolete, or an employee leaves, secure data destruction is a must. This can’t be left to you or other amateurs. You need a company that specializes in secure data destruction to ensure that previous information is, indeed, destroyed. Keeping your data safe and secure means keeping your company, and those who depend on you, safe and secure.


It is a busy time of the year for us at BoxQ, as many businesses are looking to clear out their excess computers and electronics before the years end. If you need of an e-waste removal, please contact Mark Bell at 877-499-2697 or via e-mail at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.


A few key dates to remember this month:


Sunday, November 2nd – Daylight Savings begins at 2:00am.  Set the clocks back 1 hour.


Tuesday, November 4th – Election Day. Exercise your civic right and vote.


Tuesday, November 11th – Veterans Day.  Recognize and honor the men and women of our armed services.


Thursday, November 27th – Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy family, food and football.


Please note that BoxQ will be closed from 1:00pm Wednesday, November 26th thru Sunday, November 30th in observance of the holiday.


We wish all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



Best regards,

The BoxQ Crew

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