The question that continually faces both individuals and companies alike remains how to classify and what to do with the mountains of information and data that continues to makes its way into your life and your business. What needs to be retained and what needs secure data destruction? Businesses of all sizes have begun to finally realize that they simply can’t keep piling up data simply for the sake of keeping it. Those that do are finding themselves simply overwhelmed.

  • You need to decide what information is absolutely crucial to the survival of your life or business and to have some manner of operational plan in place. For the most part, you want to retain that data which is important to your ongoing operations as well as that data and those records you know you must keep safe and secure for extended periods.
  • It is, also, important to bring everyone involved, family members or employees, into the data retention and data destruction loop. Everyone needs to know what data will be vital to the success of the company and what data that must routinely be securely destroyed.
  • Secure data destruction comes in to play for the simple reason of space. How much space and storage are you willing to give to the crushing amount of data that comes into your life and business every day? When thoughtfully examined, most people and businesses will realize that most of the data they are exposed to has an extremely limited shelf life and should be securely destroyed as soon as possible.
  • Another consideration with regard to data destruction is the question of ongoing risk. Through safe data destruction, a company runs less of a risk with regard to having information stolen or altered for other, possibly nefarious, purposes. In addition, the less data you keep the faster and more efficient your data retrieval systems will be. This can be an enormous boost to productivity and customer service.