Medford MA Recycling Services

Electronics recycling in Medford MA, and the Greater Boston MA areas, including Cambridge MA, Brookline MA, Waltham MA, Georgetown MA, Somerville MA, Melrose MA, and the surrounding areas.

Box-Q Electronics provides convenient e-waste recycling services in Medford MA, ensuring easy and responsible disposal of your old electronics. Choosing electronic waste recycling not only helps the environment but also rewards those who actively contribute to positive change.

Improperly disposing of electronics harms the environment, and many mindful consumers strive to do the right thing. Yet, navigating the myriad state and national laws regarding e-waste can be challenging. At Box-Q Electronics, we’re here to assist you with proper electronics disposal.

Box-Q Electronics offers professional and secure data destruction services in Medford MA, ensuring the confidentiality of your sensitive personal or client information. With extensive experience in handling various types of e-waste, we are your reliable partner for maintaining data integrity.

BoxQ is the Leading Choice for E-Waste Recycling & Disposal Services in Medford MA

BoxQ is a nationwide recycler-reseller specializing in obsolete and off-lease electronic goods and technology equipment. Since its establishment in 1999, Box-Q has offered businesses comprehensive e-waste solutions.

Keeping up with rapid advancements in electronics and technology can be challenging, especially when dealing with outdated items. However, with Box-Q, tasks like computer recycling, electronics recycling, phone recycling, and more are seamlessly managed.

Our Recycling Services in Medford MA Include:

Removal, recycling & resale

Pick-up service & drop-off center

Hard drive shredding/DOD level data destruction

Certificate of destruction for destroyed data and equipment

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