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Data destruction from BoxQThe question that continually faces both individuals and companies alike remains how to classify and what to do with the mountains of information and data that continues to makes its way into your life and your business. What needs to be retained and what needs secure data destruction? Businesses of all sizes have begun to finally realize that they simply can’t keep piling up data simply for the sake of keeping it. Those that do are finding themselves simply overwhelmed.

  • You need to decide what information is absolutely crucial to the survival of your life or business and to have some manner of operational plan in place. For the most part, you want to retain that data which is important to your ongoing operations as well as that data and those records you know you must keep safe and secure for extended periods.
  • It is, also, important to bring everyone involved, family members or employees, into the data retention and data destruction loop. Everyone needs to know what data will be vital to the success of the company and what data that must routinely be securely destroyed.
  • Secure data destruction comes in to play for the simple reason of space. How much space and storage are you willing to give to the crushing amount of data that comes into your life and business every day? When thoughtfully examined, most people and businesses will realize that most of the data they are exposed to has an extremely limited shelf life and should be securely destroyed as soon as possible.
  • Another consideration with regard to data destruction is the question of ongoing risk. Through safe data destruction, a company runs less of a risk with regard to having information stolen or altered for other, possibly nefarious, purposes. In addition, the less data you keep the faster and more efficient your data retrieval systems will be. This can be an enormous boost to productivity and customer service.

Data destruction from BoxQProtecting your identity gets harder to do in such a wired world as we have today. Information is everywhere and is easily available to experienced hackers. In addition, not every one or every company plans for eventual data destruction. Protecting your valuable data and having effective data destruction plans in place has never been more critical to your overall survival.

  • So many large corporations with vulnerable data destruction or data protection plans have seen their security breeched in recent months. Nearly half of all American businesses and companies have had data recently stolen and security experts declare that every business will be a target sooner or later.
  • Be wary of people who are hanging closely around you when you are using any manner of data, especially your credit card. They can easily pick up on the numbers as well as your security code PIN.
  • Rather than signing the back of your credit card, write on it that a valid ID with photo must be presented at the time of use. This will prevent your card from being used in public should it be stolen. If your data is stolen, however, it will not help you with online purchases.
  • You need to buy a shredder and shred any personal documents and bills before you throw them away. Rummaging through people’s tossed trash is one of the major tactics used by identity thieves and hackers.
  • Proper data destruction is your only real chance of never having any of your identity stolen. If selling or recycling your electronics, especially your computer, you must seek out a professional data destruction service to insure that your hard drives are properly destroyed.
  • Watch your credit card statements to see if there has been any action related to purchases you did not make. Don’t make it easy for thieves and hackers. Stealing your mail is a relatively easy thing to do. Need to mail a bill? Do it at the post office. In addition, check out your credit reports at least once a year. Ideally, you should be checking it on a quarterly basis to check the data.

The proper protection of your data, as well as professional data destruction will be your best bet to keep your identity, and your life, safe from disaster.

Data destruction from BoxQPreventing data destruction is always a challenge. Taking steps and developing strategies can effectively prevent the loss of your valuable data be it personal of business. Losing precious data can wreak havoc with your personal life and may have a damaging effect on your business or your job.

  • One strategy to employ to prevent data destruction is to make certain that you back everything up. Regardless of the program and regardless of where you are storing your data, always back it up so that your data is not stored on the computer’s hard drive or on a company server. Quite often people, and businesses, will store their important data on separate portable drives and secure them off site or even in a fire proof safe.
  • The worst place to store anything is on the same drive that you are using and where your overall operating system is located. Just sticking a document in your “my documents” folder can easily lead to loss, theft, and accidental data destruction. One simple strategy to avoid having dozens of little USB drives to keep track of is to simply attach an additional hard drive to your computer and store everything there. It will cost you little but can provide you peace of mind with regard to potential data destruction. Even if your system crashes, or becomes infected with a virus, you can rest assured that your data is safe on the second hard drive.
  • Perhaps the easiest way to guarantee data destruction or loss is to open email attachments from unknown sources. Quite often, these attachments will contain a virus or some other manner of malware and may even cause you system to crash. It may become impossible to retrieve your data once you have let loose a virus or piece of malware.
  • The most important safeguard against data destruction ultimately comes down to you. You are the one who can prevent it by taking certain steps and employing certain strategies that will prevent any user errors on your part. Hitting the wrong key accidentally has made more data disappear that pretty much anything else. Though it may seem obvious, one of the best ways to protect your data is having back up hard copies of everything you do. These, too, can be stored off site if necessary.

There will be times, however, when you, or your company, will need secure data destruction services. Sensitive personal and company information can easily be destroyed so that outdated yet highly sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands.

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