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Secure data destruction from BoxQYour data center is the critical information hub for your business. Without it, your company may not be a company for long. Your data center stores all of your precious and sensitive company information as well as where your overall systems are watched and monitored. You need a plan for keep your center safe because the corruption of your data is something you can ill afford.

  • Believe it or not, many company data centers don’t even have locks on the doors. While you are concerned with a denial of service hacker attack, someone could just walk through the door and access anything they want to. In addition to keeping out intruders, it will keep unauthorized personnel from gaining access and causing all sorts of unintentional data corruption or equipment malfunctions.
  • Where your center is located is crucial to the overall safety of your data and information. Like any basic military operation, the perimeter and boundaries must be secured and impenetrable. Data corruption and theft always occurs at those venues that are viewed as being the least protected.
  • Speaking of doors, you need to lock the doors that will allow hacker attacks through. You know how vital this data center is to your company’s survival. Hackers will dedicate hours, even days, to trying to find that back door into your system. Your IT precautions and protocols need to be state of the art or risk data loss and worse.
  • Further risk factors can include your trash disposal, your secure data destruction by a skilled firm, outside vendors or visitors and natural calamities. How strong is your data center? Can it survive a natural disaster like and earthquake or hurricane? Who gets into your center? What are your security procedures? With regard to data theft or corruption, you need to have it professionally done and all of your non electronic trash must be shredded or destroyed before being thrown out.

You can’t leave anything to chance with regard to the security of your data or the secure data destruction with an experienced firm that you will need to do from time to time. Your data center faces a great many risks but with some planning and foresight, you can keep it, and your company, safe.

Secure data destruction from BoxQNot only is your business your livelihood, but your employees also depend on you as well for their security and for the life of their loved ones. Securing you business data needs to be a major priority for your business as does proper secure data destruction protocols.

  • Your business data is the very lifeblood of any business yet so many business owners are ignorant with regard to its overall protection. What if your server were hacked? What if your server’s hard drive crashed? What if there is a natural disaster that destroys everything? Can your business survive? Are you prepared to be up and running soon after a disaster?
  • Keep your main server in an isolated area of your business. Don’t make it easy for anyone to simply dismantle the server and make a run for it with your hard drive. Your hard drive should be backed up on a regular schedule and the back up data needs to be stored in a safe off site facility. Also, your hard drive needs to be regularly swapped out for a new one and secure data destruction be properly performed on the old one. This will keep you several steps ahead of the bad guys and the natural disasters.
  • You must limit who has access to your business data. Too many small businesses allow just about anyone to see and handle their secure data. There can be only a chosen few, if any at all, who can gain regular access to your company’s secure data.
  • All of your important documentation related to your business must be safe and located away from the business. The storage facility or containers you use must be both fire proof and water proof.
  • Finally, as electronics become obsolete, or an employee leaves, secure data destruction is a must. This can’t be left to you or other amateurs. You need a company that specializes in secure data destruction to ensure that previous information is, indeed, destroyed. Keeping your data safe and secure means keeping your company, and those who depend on you, safe and secure.

SecurityThere are all sorts of information flying around about secure data destruction and how to properly destroy your private, proprietary, and highly sensitive company information. What most business owners fail to realize is that, due to data remanence, your most classified documents and information are still magnetically attached to your hard drives.

Most companies believe that secure data destruction is as simple a matter as running a refrigerator magnet over the hard drive or grabbing a sledge hammer and having at it. These are serious delusions that could lead to identity theft or absolute catastrophe for any company, especially a small business.

  • Server and hard drive thefts have risen over the past several years and operating systems and servers are constantly under attack. Hard drives fare no better especially if those involved believe that secure data destruction has been performed.
  • A few years back, a researcher went out and purchased several hard drives out at eBay. What he found astonished him. One drive he bought from a medical facility that thought they had performed secured data destruction. What the researcher found, however, was over 30,000 credit card numbers still attached to the drive.
  • Simply trying to destroy a hard drive yourself never works. For secure data destruction, you need to do more than simply delete or erase the information from your drive. Even formatting the hard drive does not remove all of your sensitive and secret information. Experienced hackers can easily access any and all information that you have left behind and erroneously believed had been destroyed.

Secure data destruction needs to be done by experienced professionals. They can help you in countless ways including assisting you with all preparations and security. Don’t leave your company’s, or customer’s, security to chance or to protocols that are simply untrue and do not work.

Shield on digital backgroundFor governments, companies, and even individuals, the security of computer data, and secure data destruction, has become a critical concern today. Even the most sophisticated among us tend to believe that simply hitting the “delete” button will do the trick. Unfortunately that is not the case. Simply because you delete and item, or certain information, does not mean that it has been permanently destroyed.

Companies and individuals store data everywhere today. Things are not so simple anymore. Not only is data stored in a desktop computer but also in a laptop, a tablet and a cell phone just to name a few. Again, many are under the delusion that simply deleting an item and/or sending it to their recycle bin eliminates that data forever.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All that really does is change the indexing of the data you have in storage. It’s sort of like deleting the name of the newspaper you were reading and leaving behind all of the newspaper’s contents behind. Sure, you think the New York Times is gone. But all that’s gone is the name. The entire edition of the paper got left behind for a trained professional to read. Truly secure data destruction tends to be more sophisticated, and trickier, than that.

You cannot leave your precious company or personal data out in the open where your company, or you, may be compromised. The recovery of data has become so sophisticated that data can be recovered even from seemingly destroyed hard drives. The technology, the software, and the forensics available today are daunting to anyone, or any company, that is seeking to destroy highly sensitive data once and for all.

Secure data destruction is a vital key and link to your continued survival as a company, and often times, as an individual. Don’t leave its proper destruction to amateurs or even yourself. Secure data destruction needs to be handled by trained and experienced professional who can assure you that your sensitive data is truly gone forever.

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